Wave India Leather Exports Profile

Wave India Leather Export was founded in 1991 by three business partner &CEO (Manzar Alam, Mirza Tayub, and Md.Feroz Khan) for producing and marketing best quality leather Goods for men’s and women alike to become a brand that is full of style! We have started this company with an objective of supplying unmatched High quality leather products at competitive prices, Since we have good industry Experience, we are in a continuous process to identify and implement better ways to manufacture our product in the best quality available in the market without impacting the standard prices, Wave India leather Export is (SA 8000 certified company and it is committed to comply with requirement of SA 8000), can assure you of RELIABLE, QUALITY/UNIFORM PRODUCT , EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS and TIMELY DELIVERIES.

We have experience in exporting FINISHED GOODS to Spain, Italy, Denmark ,Germany ,Canada , China etc. to name a few. We have a monthly capacity of 50,000 – 100,000 pcs of Leather Bags and Sheets. We have designed our production unit with best resources management, Eco Friendly environment and use of the latest technological Machinery /equipment, In addition, we have invested in building our own tannery which is occupied for all production work and is well equipped to supply a wide range of leather product using Cow, Buffalo, Goat, and sheep leathers.

The products that we are now offering include: Ladies and Men’s(Hand Bags, Wallets, Belts.),Inclusion of Other Bags Such as: Hand pouches ,Belt Bags, Laptop Bags, Briefcases, and other customized leather products and Leather Sheets.

Our Directors

MD. Feroz Khan

Manzar Alam

Mirza Tayub

Manufacturer & Exporter Of Quality Leather Goods & Accessories